This week has been both hectic and kinda boring! Copyediting, finishing Hopeless Start, oh and the shirts!

Last week I finished what was probably the final pass at the Hopeless Start writing. I sent it out for some constructive criticism before, and most of my feedback was good. I did get a few comments to switch to a less distant narrator voice. So I did implement that, and I hope it works out! Hopeless Start is going to be one of three planed demos over the next few months. So I’m always open to comments because nothing is set in stone.

We added the splash screen, new art for the choice buttons, and next week we should have shakes implemented. It’s really coming down to the wire! It’ll definitely come out next week, there is just so much I’d like to add that I want to get as much as I can out of my time. A good piece of advice my dad always says: “If you aren’t 80% done by the time you use 50% of your resources, you are behind.”

So as far as the demo goes, it’s just tying up those loose ends.

But what was exciting was the Bullet Decision shirts! There is a few pictures of them floating around (look here). They came out so nicely! Especially the splash screens. I was worried about printing but they are so smooth and high quality. I love all the options (I got classic, triblend, womans tshirt and relaxed fit) and all on sale too! They did send me the wrong type for one of the shirts, but they shipped me out a new one in less than 24 hours. So I’m not complaining. (you can check out the shirts here)

(and while you’re clicking stuff here is the demo blurb)


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