Woooo. Hopeless Start final stretch! I’m so excited. We are going to release it Sunday on the Bullet Decision website.

If you don’t know, Hopeless Start is a demo for ReAct: Bullet Decision. You play as Mika, a introverted college student who doesn’t want to do anything but play games. While lazying around, she hears a crashing sound from her sisters, Ami’s, room. When Mika checks on Ami she finds out Ami’s boyfriend leaked her nudes and now everyone has seen them. It focuses mainly on the exploration mechanic, and how each object can show you more of the story in different ways and dig further into them. The story for Hopeless Start is self contained in the same universe. They connect in someway, but it’s not content that happens in ReAct. You can read more about it here. 

I also plotted the rest of our demos and bots this week. If you didn’t know, the ReAct facebook has a small mini game that interconnects with the main story. All you need to do it message them and you will get a quest from Lilah! It’s pretty cool. Currently we have two more demos and three more bots planned. I’m actually really excited for the bots especially. They are planned to be way more in depth than the current one. One will deal with stalking/street harassment, the other with emotional after effects of harassment, and another with gender bias. And all demos and bots interconnect with ReAct.

Currently, all we have left for the Hopeless Start release is a background needs to be made and a favicon. It’s so freeing to be on schedule 🙂


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