Not to much to update this week! I’m in the middle of moving apartments right now, so I’m hunkering down and getting the stuff I talked about last week sorted out.

Abby bot is plotted out and the script has been started. I also have done some work on the script for showing off our engine. At the SG meeting we also talked about the future of Bullet Decision and I’m so excited for the years to come!

For my stuff, I got back on the youtube track for the most part. I try to do two Let’s Plays a week but I need to start actually rolling them out on time. Check them out here. I also have been working on the BD twitter and facebook. Insta has been lagging but if you want to see unrelated photos everyday you can follow my snapchat @ aliiaction !

Getting what we have done of ReAct playable should be done by next week, so I’ll be starting on part two soon! Let me know if you guys wanna know more about the story, or what about the writing process interests you.


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