This week in Bullet Decision news, we’ve pretty much hammered down our engine! Not every mechanic is in yet but we’ve finally got a basic playable version of what’s been written of ReAct so far. It’s supper exciting! It was complicated for a while because we’re not using a branch system, but a switch system. There is 100 different ways just to do dishes! I’m really hoping this kinda complex choice system pays off in feeling like you have control over the story in ReAct.

For our side projects, Abbybot went on the back burner a bit because I spent the last two weeks moving. But I’m almost settled in now so it should be back on schedule in the next week! And the test script I’m working on to show you guys what our engine is capable of, is almost done! I’m not sure what our release on that it going to be, but I can report that next week! (If we don’t push it out early)

Really, what we have been working on is just getting ReAct to work right and well. So not the most interesting news to read about but super important. I wanted to get what we have of our script 100% up and playable before we worked on more, because I wanted to make sure it was good before we continued. There are certain parts/mechanics/lines, that I just didn’t know would work without testing. I didn’t want to waste time have to fix things later. So even through our progress on “the game” is stalled, I think we will save more time and make a better game by not spending a bunch of time on things I’m not sure will work and being able to test it all right away.

That’s all for this week! Remember to check out our demo if you haven’t. If you have an questions or comment about ReAct or Bullet Decision send them my way! I’d love to hear what people think so far.


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