What is Ghost Insight?

Ghost Insight is a semi-monthly interactive poetry game based on the mental health of a young girl. It plans to cover a verity of mental health issues in a short experience from the point of view of the young girl experiencing them. It shows the haunting reality of how the traumas of our past can turn into ghosts who haunt us through out life.

Currently, I’m working on the 5/9 series, this series is marked by being called Ghost Insight (5/9;(#)) (Name). This is to represent the diagnosis criteria of BPD. If you are unaware, you have to reach 5/9 of the criteria for a diagnosis, the second number represents which diagnosis criteria it is. This may seem convoluted, because it is, but I think having the numbers links it to those of us with these issues as opposed to it being all encompassing. It is of course, meant to be enjoyed by everyone, and I think everyone can relate to these issues, but I think having a link of representation is helpful for those without it.

I do have plans for branching out after the initial 9, but we can get to that in the future!


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