This week in Bullet Decision news, we’ve pretty much hammered down our engine! Not every mechanic is in yet but we’ve finally got a basic playable version of what’s been written of ReAct so far. It’s supper exciting! It was complicated for a while because we’re not using a branch system, but a switch system.… Read More 9/22/17


Why we need socially aware games (and why visual novels are the genre for it)

Things recently have been tragic. Beyond tragic. Tragedy that I can’t even comprehend from my place of privilege. But we all need to try to. We need to try and understand why these things happen to prevent them from happening again. We need to show compassion and solidarity for the disenfranchised who understand it all… Read More Why we need socially aware games (and why visual novels are the genre for it)


Woooo. Hopeless Start final stretch! I’m so excited. We are going to release it Sunday on the Bullet Decision website. If you don’t know, Hopeless Start is a demo for ReAct: Bullet Decision. You play as Mika, a introverted college student who doesn’t want to do anything but play games. While lazying around, she hears… Read More 7/28/17


This week has been both hectic and kinda boring! Copyediting, finishing Hopeless Start, oh and the shirts! Last week I finished what was probably the final pass at the Hopeless Start writing. I sent it out for some constructive criticism before, and most of my feedback was good. I did get a few comments to… Read More 7/21/17


I’m hoping to get some art/gameplay mock up done soon. I’m currently working on implementing a full demo using a side story. But since neither are actually ready, let’s talk about the mechanics we’re going to see. The most obvious mechanic is going to be the dialogue tree. You make choices, response to people, and… Read More 3/31/2017